Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pictures From Christmas!

Luckily on Christmas Eve, Moose started feeling better. He took a good nap, and his coughing got much better. So we decided to start a new tradition: bake and decorate cookies to leave out for Santa!Of course, we ate a few...
Just a few...
The Christmas Outfit.
Moose and Nana at Christmas Eve at the farm.
We think Santa had a good time setting up the Safari Set.

Moose woke up around 8, and Cory got him up while I got ready with my camera in the living room. I took this shot:
And then my camera died. WORST NIGHTMARE! Luckily Cory was thinking coherently enough to grab the batteries out of the remote and jam them in.

The new Thomas Track great?!
No track to mess up! It's always fixed!

The monkey seemed to be the favorite!
Very happy with M&Ds presents and Santa's gifts.
We had a wonderfully relaxed Christmas. Cory and I had already exchanged, anticipating our Wisconsin trip, so Christmas morning was all about Moose. I made biscuits and gravy, as requested, and we lazed around most of the day, watching Elf and Claymation Christmas, our traditions we started last year.