Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Pox Upon this House

...or a stomach virus rather. Oh this has been a joy.

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Moose has been potty training this week, with full-fledged Big Boy Underwear. We started Monday morning with Big Boy Underwear, and off we went to daycare. I picked him, and five soiled outfits up at 5 in the evening. Tuesday, he had only two accidents, Wednesday the same. Those two accidents were both poopy, he has been peeing in the potty just fine, it has been the poo-poo that has been the problem. Thursday was awesome, only one accident (still no poo-poo in the potty)! Yea! Friday... we had two accidents, and they were both poopy and... lets say... loose. The teacher warned me when I picked Moose up about this, and that a stomach virus has been making it's way through the school. (one of the drawbacks to daycare, however, I would rather him get sick now, and build up immunities than get sick later in life (I really think this is why I get sick so easily, and Cory doesn't-he was in daycare at an early age and I was not))

This virus news did not bode well for our potty training for the weekend.

Saturday morning was spent very well, with many trips to the potty to go pee-pee while watching Disney. At one point however, I came in to the living room, and he was sitting on the couch with a glazed TV look on his face, and he was sitting in a puddle. So one real accident. We did a nap (with a pull-up) and were sitting in the living room afterwards when he stomach made a sound like an atomic bomb. Then I swear his bottom actually visibly vibrated from the forceful diarrhea he had.

So we went into the bathroom to get cleaned up, and an hour later we were back doing the same thing. At this point I switched him back to diapers. And then he didn't have anything for almost three hours. So we went ahead and took him over to Mimi's house so Cory and I could have a nice date (and probably spread the stomach virus to everyone in the movie theater and at The Pub).

We went to see Wanted which was AWESOME IN EVERY WAY and we were mid-way through dinner when I got the call from Mimi asking us to come and pick him up instead of letting him stay the night as originally planned. So after dinner we went and got him, and headed up earlier. I checked on him twice before I went to bed, fearful he would have diarrhea in his bed, but he was fine.

About 6 AM I heard him cough and call for me. So I went in to check on him, and he was lying under the covers and restlessly turning over, like he was going back to sleep. I silently closed the door without him seeing me, and crept back to bed, hoping he would sleep at least another hour. I snuggled back into bed with Cory, and about ten minutes later, I heard him cough, gag, and start screaming.

I rushed through the bedroom, and opened his door to see him covered in goo in the morning light. I flipped on the light and discovered he had thrown up, everywhere. Apparently he did not have macaroni and cheese last night like Mimi said, but spagetti-os? Not sure about that, but let me tell you, cleaning up someone else puke is not one of the joys of motherhood they tell you about.

I yelled for Cory to help me, and the warning must have sounded in my voice because he made it in there pretty quickly. I instructed (barked out) him to clean up the bedding while I tackled Moose, who was still crying-retching.

Oh it was lovely, let me tell you.

I got him into the bathroom, where somehow he managed to throw up more. I can't imagine where it came from because it looked like there was definitely enough vomit for one little boy, covering his bed. Probably the depths of Hell.

I carried him and set him on his potty stool, so hopefully whatever was left in his stomach would end up the potty this time. He managed a bit more, and told me he was "all done Mommy". So I stuck him in the bathtub while I tried to clean up the floor in the bathroom, so that I could give him a bath without, you know, sitting in it.

The poor baby was terrified and quivering. I managed to strip him down and hand off his clothes to Cory who was taking his bedding down to get washed. I started his bath, and he happily sat down and asked for a bath toy.


I got him out after washing him, and we went into his room to get dressed, and he told me on the way that he had "made a mess". I told him yes, that was certainly a mess. When we got into his room, he started crying again, pointing to his stripped bed, telling me he made a mess. So I had to calm him down, telling him that is was okay, and Daddy was washing everything.

Later we turned on Disney, and he sat between Cory and I, snuggled up with his spare blankie. He has not thrown up again, yet. He just had a poopy diaper, and it was a bit firmer. So hopefully we're on the mend.

I still want to take him to the doctor tomorrow. Even if he doesn't have anymore problems. I definitely don't want him sick next week while we are in Florida. So anything I can do to curb that would be awesome.

Cory and I seem to be fine at the moment, but Cory said he was on the edge of not feeling well. At least this is happening this week, and not next week while we are on vacation.

Needless to say this has totally curbed potty training for today. I have no desire to attempt that while dealing with this madness.