Monday, June 23, 2008

Big Boy Underwear!

Moose has officially started potty training. He moved up to the next room at daycare about two weeks ago, the T-Twos (transitional twos) and he will be in that room until he starts the next level, which is preschool (scary!).

Moose moved up with three of his friends. They are the "cool clique" according to Ms. Allie, his new teacher. They are all about the same age and level. His old girlfriend actually left daycare a few months ago, I'm sorry I forgot to tell you guys about that! I don't know any details, she just disappeared one day, I guess her mom found another job (remember she was a teacher at the daycare too).

Well anyway, the Cool Clique was ready to start hard core potty training according to Ms. A. I picked him up last Thursday evening, and she told me he was ready to start on Big Boy Underwear.


That's right. She said that he was ready, and that meant they were ready to start training. So this weekend, I bought several pairs of Big Boy Underwear, plus the gift Charing brought over (thanks girl!) and we washed and got them ready for the Big Day.

This morning we got up, had breakfast, and I was all ready to put on the Big Boy Underwear, and Moose said, "No." So after all that, we wore a diaper in to daycare. When we arrived, his best friend, Alex, had his Big Boy Underwear on, so Moose wanted his on too.

Ah, peer pressure, a lovely thing at this age.

So I knew I would have to do some laundry when I got home, I figured, maybe three(?) pairs of clothes? Try five pairs. Apparently all I'm going to be doing for the next few weeks will be laundry. Also? Florida should be fun, with us in the midst of potty training and all.

Oh, and we are going standing up, like a Big Boy, now.
I'll try and keep you updated on this front, I'm sure it will be a bumpy road!
We have finally found a new home for Sophie, our Weim. We've been looking since last Fall, and we found a nice friend of a friend who wanted her, and is now lavishing attention on her at every opportunity. I am sure she is relishing it.

Scout is doing fabulously well as a solo dog. She is getting extra attention of course, but I think she is actually enjoying having us all to herself.
Cory and I had a nice date on Saturday that almost was canceled. Mimi and Grandy kept Moose overnight so we stayed up late watching movies, then slept in, and went and grabbed bagels and coffee. It was... indescribably lovely.

Then we had Mimi and Grandy over for dinner, to celebrate a belated Father's Day! Cory grilled a wonderfully yummy (and easy) glazed chicken. It was great!