Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rockin' Out

Picture Friday is early this week, I thought I would put some pics up today since I'll be out of town the rest of the week.
Cory picked up Rock Band for his Xbox on Sunday. So Mark came over to help him break it in. They had a blast.
Breaking in the drums.The dogs were thrilled to see Mark, their love for him has grown since he watched them for us when we went out of town the last time.

Moose's finger is on the road to total recovery. The nail bed seems to have recovered, and is smooth and is about half the normal length. There is a scab on the end of his finger, and I was noticing while he was zoned out watching TV with us yesterday, that the finger looks to be a bit different than normal, the tip doesn't seem to be as rounded as the other, it has more of a blunt end.

The bandage wouldn't stay on, with out the chunky piece holding it on I guess. It kept sliding off, and each time Moose would flip out telling me to, "wrap it UP!" over and over. Mimi kept Moose overnight on Saturday so Cory and I could go to a fight downtown, and after the bandage fell off twice, she didn't put it back on. Moose was pretty upset at first. But she must have told him it was "all better now" because that is what he told me when I asked to see it. "No Mommy, it is all better now." Oh. Okay.

So, I am going to Chicago for work tomorrow. I won't be back until Friday night, late. Unfortunately, I will have meetings each day, so we won't get to sightsee or anything. Not cool. Hopefully it won't be too stressful. Looking forward to meeting with some of my friends for drinks after our meetings.

My boss asked me if I thought I would have to check my bag. I laughed manically until I realized he was serious. Does he know me at all? Three days? Of course I'm going to have to check my bag. I'm bringing the big suitcase! He was not amused that I laughed, and stated that it was only three days. And said, yes, three days. Exactly. Eye roll.

I'm sure I'll miss my boys, but surely I can enjoy my alone time, and hopefully they will miss me desperately. I'm sure they will miss me around, or I don't know... dinner time?