Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Door to my Heart!

Our long-awaited new front door was installed on Tuesday. It. Is. WONDERFUL. We are loving it. Totally. Amazingly, Cory and I easily agreed on what style and color to get. We went in knowing we wanted a new door, with a glass insert, plus new side lights, and a screen door. Unfortunately, the door we decided on, could not have a screen door without screwing with the guarantee. We decided to forgo the screen door, since we have done without one for the last couple years with no huge problem. Plus we have two quite unintelligent dogs who I could see finding some way through the screen, no matter how high.

Before Outside
Before Inside
In Progress... (Cory was so good to take photos for me:)
And without further ado:

Oh, yes.
Be still my beating heart, I had no idea home improvements could get me so excited.