Friday, June 6, 2008

My Little Boy's Boo-Boo Pt. 4

We spent most of last Sunday playing in the backyard!

The results of the afternoon.

Some sort of melt-down.
He was very annoyed that I wasn't immediately bending to his will, plus, I had the nerve to take his picture again...
Later in the week, helping me make pancakes for dinner!

He has a recent fascination with my shoes. No, not like that! He has figured out they can be used as ramps for his toy cars. Right.

Sweet and innocent when he sleeps.
This evening, while we were getting ready for bath, Cory took his wrap off of his hurt finger. And!! The crusty, black, scab-like piece of his finger came off. Ewwwww. However, underneath, was fresh, pink, healthy-looking skin! It looks almost normal! When his fingernail grows back, it should look totally normal we think!

We had no idea it would happen this fast! We didn't think it would happen until after our next doc visit. We weren't sure if we should keep it wrapped, the doctor had not told us that it might happen so soon. We've decided to keep it wrapped until Monday, then I will call and see what they want us to do. Some of the skin looks a little tender and hurty.

Can you BELIEVE IT? We are soooo lucky!