Friday, May 30, 2008

My Little Boy's Boo-Boo Pt. 3 & Steve's Wedding & Picture Friday!

Well, you get a title that long and confusing when you wait this long to post! We had a very busy weekend last week with Steve's wedding, and then this week, we had our check up at the hand doc.

Our very good friend Steve married our new very good friend Stacy this weekend. It was just about the coolest wedding I have ever been to! Stacy is from Jeffersonville, IN which is right across the river from Louisville, KY. So they had their wedding at her church in Jeffersonville, and the reception right across the river at the Galt House. Most of the family stayed with us at the Galt House too. I must say it was one of the nicest hotels I have ever stayed in.

So first I had some help packing from Moose. Then I packed him up and sent him off to Mimi and Grandy's for the weekend.Cory and I took off on Friday right after lunch and made the hour and a half drive to Louisville. When we checked in to the hotel, I noticed the abundance of Baby Boomers that were covered head-to-toe in Beatles memorabilia. I honestly did not even know that they sold that stuff with Beatles faces all over it, but let me tell you: if they make something, they make a Beatles version of it. Turns out it was the Abbey Road Convention.

The front desk gave us a wonderful package from Steve and Stacy, thanking us for coming to their wedding weekend. Maker's and wine. A lovely way to get ready for our evening.
When they assigned our room, they offered us a higher up room that was handicapped. Cory was concerned we would be taking it away from someone who might need it, so we got the lower room. It was beautiful, but it overlooked the street.
If you leaned just right though, you could see the river:)
I proceeded to get ready for the rehearsal and Cory went out to investigate the hotel. When he got back, he had ran into Steve in the hall! Steve was remarkably calm considering his upcoming nuptials.

We met his family in the hall after we were ready, and we headed over across the river to the church. It was only about 10 minutes away, and pretty easy to find since I had printed out directions (of course!). Everyone promptly made fun of my printed out directions to everything, then they all checked them out so they could follow them!
Here are Cory and I with the bride and groom.
Cory, Steve, Russ (childhood friend), Rick (Stacy's brother), and his son Ryan (ring bearer)
After the rehearsal, which went really quick due to Stacy's wonderful planning, we headed over to the Spagetti Factory for the rehearsal dinner. It was WONDERFUL. I have never eaten there before and it was so good! We both had crab ravioli and Steve's parents graciously included drinks with our meal.
This is after a few drinks:)
We walked back to the hotel, which was only a few blocks away, with Russ and Steve. Stacy went back to her parents' house to stay the night there.
Before we went back to our rooms, we hit the hotel bar, so celebrate Steve's last few hours of bachelorhood. The bar was actually made of a large aquarium, it was super cool.
I tried to inconspicuously take some pics of it, and not look like a dork.
The boys.
We got up the next morning and had a wonderful breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Then we headed over to the church for the service! Stacy had asked me to stand with the bridesmaids and make sure the flower girl and ring bearer were in the right place at the right time.
Here is the church's baptismal, it was a beautiful fountain. Never seen anything like it.
The service was beautiful and shorter than what I had prepared myself for. It was a Catholic service with full mass. Steve and Stacy decided to wait until the ceremony until they saw each other, so after the service, they had the rest of their pictures taken.

After the pictures, we realized the shuttle service had forgotten about us. So the wedding party was almost 40 minutes later than when they were supposed to be there. It was very annoying for everyone.

We finally got back to the Galt House, and after meeting up with the photographer, headed towards the ballrooms. The hotel lobby was filled to the brim with Beatles fans, and a ton of kids for some reason. When we walked through the revolving doors, everyone turned around and started clapping and congratulating the happy couple. It was very cool.

They had reserved two huge ballrooms and they were filled with people. I was supposed to sit with two couples that worked with Steve and Cory, but they didn't show. Luckily, there were two of Stacy's old teachers also at the table and they were super nice to me. Cory was sitting at the head table with the rest of the wedding party.
Here is the groom's cake, it is a "four-wheelin'" cake. Steve likes jeeps and four-wheeling with off road vehicles.
The garter.
We had a wonderful time, closing the place down. We stumbled back to our room in exhaustion several hours later. Cory and I were supposed to attend a cookout the next day, sending the bride and groom off on their honeymoon to St. Lucia. Unfortunately we decided we missed Moose too much, and we wanted to head home. So we left earlier than we planned. But we had a blast.

Instead of being thrilled to see us, Moose was bit miffed that Mimi left him with us and didn't stay herself.
Luckily, it only last a few minutes before he melted into and exhausted heap on top of Cory. Mimi and Grandy are tiring.
On Wednesday, we had our third appointment with the doctor for Moose's finger. They unwrapped him, and informed us he was healing well. The tip is still black, with parts of it tinged with pink. The nail is gone, and it looks soft a smooth were it came off.

They sent us home with a small bandage, just around the hurt finger. We can take it off for baths, and replace it as needed.

Moose does not like to see it. We have taken it off each night this week for baths (Summer is everyday bathing due to his tendency to smell like a dirty foot) and he cries each time and tells me he doesn't want to see it.

He is still favoring the whole hand even though he can use it again. The skin on the rest of his hand that was not injured is very oddly textured at the moment. It almost looks a bit swollen, and is dry and flaky. I have been smothering it in Curel lotion, but I'm wondering if I should be putting something else on it. If it doesn't look better soon, I may call the doc back.
The new bandage.

When it starts to heal a bit more, I will post a picture of it for you guys. It might be a bit too scary to post as it is currently. We have another appointment for a check up with the hand doc in three weeks. We'll keep you updated!