Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Favorite Type of Post...

...the bulleted kind. It seems the best way of handling updates I have to share. Plus it's the easiest!
  • Moose is doing great. You would never know anything was wrong with him. He has been happily playing all week at daycare, and according to them, it hasn't slowed him down a bit. Pieces of the cast are starting to rub off, leaving it frayed. We have an appointment on the 14th for him to have his cast replaced. Doctor N mentioned they would probably put him to sleep to replace the cast, because he is so little he might fight them putting it back on. We're not sure about that yet. Luckily the appointment is at 9, so we won't have to keep him hungry for too long.
  • Pee-pee in the potty has been progressing. He is clearly doing it for the M&Ms rewards we give him, we've diminished the rewards down to one M&M now. I tried to put him in a pull-up on last Sunday, and he promptly pooped in it. Not fun. So I haven't done it again. He has gone almost each morning, and once he actually went twice, once before breakfast, and once after before we left for school. At school, he has gone several times, but only during the morning hours. The afternoon hours are pretty busy for them, they do crafts, and go on walks, and play on the playground. So that is understandable. I'm not sure when we'll switch over to pull-ups. Advice? Should I just deal with the poo-poo or should I wait until he is ready to poo-poo in the potty?
  • We finally seem to have enough clothing for Summer. I would like to get him some sandals too, but that is not high priority. Special thanks to Mimi for showing up with jammies and shirts. (even if some of them were FUBU:) JK Mimi.
  • Work has been good for me lately. Busy but manageable busy. And that is a good thing. My days go by fast and are rewarding. My co-workers are going on a big trip back to Chicago next week to visit some of our divisions. I'm sadly not able to come on this trip, ha-ha have fun guys:)
  • Annnd I can't go to Chicago because Cory is going to BMW School! He leaves for Chicago on the 14th, after Moose's doctor appointment, and will be attending school until the 16th. Then, because he is so close to home, he is going to visit my in-laws that weekend in Wisconsin. He will be coming home on the 18th. So I will be single-parenting all week. I'm not sure how I feel, it won't be too bad I don't think. Moose and I will just have to do some fun activities together.
  • Speaking of Cory, he is buying another car. Since we've met, we have owned a plethora of cars. It is just something you sign on for when you marry a car guy. He was very upfront about it. I won't even try to list them out for you, I don't even know if I could remember them all. This car he is buying is a bit different, because it is a lot newer than the others he has bought. He is buying a black '02 Mustang from one of our friend's brothers. The car will be here on Monday. Big thank you to Aaron for picking it up for us. I'm looking forward to driving it, most of you know I miss my blue '01 terribly (just guess what I'll be getting when I trade in my BMW) but this car is a stick-shift. Nothing I am sure I can't handle, I learned a long time ago, but I have to re-learn, and use it so I don't loose it.
  • He has sold the GT, which he bought for me last Summer. (remember I mentioned it has frame damage and would cost an arm and a leg to fix) So he has sold it to his new friend that owns some sort of customizing shop. They met when he put a roll-cage in Cory's SVO Mustang. I put one stipulation on our total car ownership, he can only have five cars at a time. We don't have room for more, and that includes my cars, right now I only have two, if you include the Coupe. This number may change when we finally follow through with our driveway plans. We want to take it around the side of the house, and eventually all the way to the back for a basketball court, and to the planned garage (Gawd help me, I'll never see Cory again after that is built).
  • Speaking of my backyard it is absolutely beautiful right now with all the big trees and flowering plants. Cory planted a raspberry bush, so we'll see how that goes. I added a spreading flower to my front bed, but since I started from seed, it is just now starting to pop up. I will take pics when it get a bit more noticeable.
  • We went to order our new door last weekend. We have been to Lowe's (I've called it our second home and I'm not exaggerating) at least three times looking at doors and sidelights. However we had never actually talked to anyone. So we finally approached the service rep, and she promptly informed us that we had to have our door professionally measured before we did a thing, including picking out the door, because "every doorway is different". So the contractor came this week, measured and sent the sizes to Lowe's. Our service rep. is supposed to call us, for a consultation. I was hoping this weekend, but she's not called yet. We have decided on the color, but I want to keep it a secret so you can be surprised when you see it on the house. So Mom and Mil, don't tell anyone!
  • Cory and I had a wonderful date last night. We went out with our new friends Beaven and his wife Elle. We met at the Pub and went to catch Iron Man. OhMyGoodness the movie was AWESOME. I throughly enjoyed it. The characters were perfectly cast, and the story was great. I have read a few Iron Man comics, but I didn't know the whole story so it was mostly a surprise. Of course, we had to stay through the credits to see the Extra Deleted Scene at the end that sets up the sequel. Let's just say I thought it was worth it.
  • We don't have a lot scheduled for today, so I want to take care of cleaning and laundry so I don't have to do it tomorrow. Not too sure what Cory has planned, he says that my gift is from Moose and not him. Moose did make a very cool craft at school that I will keep forever of course and put up a picture of on Mother's Day. Daycare is handy like that.
And that is all for now. I'm planning on posting on Sunday, but hey, it's my day and I might not:)