Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day '08

Well happy Mother's Day to myself, and all the wonderful mothers in my life! Specifically Mom, Mil and Cici!
I've already had a wonderful Mother's Day, and it's not even 10 AM yet. Cory let me sleep in, and Moose and him baked me orange cinnamon rolls. It was lovely, he even had coffee ready when they got me up.
They bought me an astoundingly beautiful diamond pendant. You know how I feel about taking pictures of my jewelry, so you'll have to wait until you see me to see it. But let me assure you, astounding. That's all I'll say.
Here is a picture of the very cool "flower" vase Moose made me at daycare. The "flowers" are made of tracings of his hands. It is so cute! And also the mysterious pendant's box. Don't worry, you'll see it when you see me next, it is never leaving my body.Last weekend, Cory installed a ceiling fan in our living room. He had to actually crawl around in our attic to install an electrical box, because there was nothing there to start with.

Finished! It has made a great difference in the air circulation, and temperature already.
Here is the gift I made for Baby Avery. It is something that I would have loved to have received when I was pregnant with Moose. It's all the extras and little things you don't really know you need, until you need them! The wrapped gift in the back is Lionel, the ceramic lion that the girls got me when I was in the hospital having Moose. They went to the gift shop and for some reason picked out the tackiest ceramic pastel colored lion that was available. I see no reason not to share the wealth with Jenn. Hopefully she'll continue my started tradition of giving it to the next expecting parent in our friend group.
Bath time! Obviously before the Finger Event.

Playing with Daddy.
I totally earned my fabulous Mother's Day gift yesterday. Don't let this angelic face fool you. He was Hell on Wheels yesterday. All day. I was almost in tears when Cory got home.

Here is some of the reason he was so bad. He refused to take a nap. I heard him in his room walking around and rustling things. Turns out he was reading every book in his room.
I didn't finish laundry yesterday like I had planned, but I did finish cleaning. I am hoping to do a whole bunch of nothing today.
I am having M&D over for dinner for Mother's Day tonight too. But I planned a pretty simple dinner of Bar-B-Q Chicken Pizza. I made a very cool cake yesterday from scratch. It smells delicious, so we'll see. Hopefully I will get back in the groove of posting pics on Friday or Saturday, and my Domestic Goddess Tips on Sunday, next weekend. I have a ton of recipes to share.

**Edited later to add: Okay, I cave. I refuse to put a picture of the necklace up for personal reasons, I don't want people to think I'm gloating and such. However, since a lot of you live far away, and won't see me for a bit, I will email a picture to you (Mil!). So if you want to be added to that email I send tomorrow evening, send me an email, or request it in your comment. Thanks for caring, guys.**