Thursday, May 1, 2008

Updates: Bullet Style

Bullets seem the easiest way to share the news that I have to share, so here we go:
  • My wisdom teeth are better, I have had to back to the oral surgeon twice more for new stuffings for my dry socket. I am doing much better, and I am almost off the pain meds. I have a final check up next Monday.
  • Moose told me he had to go "poo-poo" the other day and I almost had a heart attack I was so happy. After much grunting and groaning, we had an empty pot. Though right after a nice, loud, fart, he popped up and demanded a treat.
  • He needs new tennis shoes. Again.
  • Cory had a great time at Churchill Downs for Steve's bachelor party. They had a blast eating and drinking all they could stuff in at their suite. Very posh, considering I was at home drawing on the sidewalks with Moose in sidewalk chalk.
  • I finally received all of the promo items I have been working on at work. It is really great to see the final product that I worked so hard on! Plus, it's cool to get free stuff:)
  • Moose is doing extremely well in his big-boy-bed. We've permanently switched his bedtime from 7PM to 8PM (he never adjusted to the time change, probably because the light outside?) and that clenched it. About 2-3 times a week, he will wake up once and ask for water. Even though we carefully place a glass of water in his room, and inform him he does not need Mommie and Daddie to get water, he still calls for us to go with him across the room to get the water. It is annoying. But other than that? Loves his bed. Asks for "ny-nite with my Thomas" when it's time for bed. We got a door knob cover so he can't lock himself in his room.
  • I finally met our new neighbors that moved into the pink house across the street. I was so excited when they moved in. They are young like Cory and I, and they had a baby. Then, she kind of dressed a little hippy-ish. Then, he started up his electric lawn-mower. And I knew we would never be friends with them. Yea, we're not really hybrid-driving kinda people, you know? Today after work, the girl was out with their baby, and Moose spotted her and said he wanted to go see the baby. So we walked across the street and I introduced ourselves, and they introduced themselves. And I noticed her bra-less status, and Teva sandals... and we talked for a bit... that was about it. We might have a play date, she asked about our daycare. I'll keep you updated. She is a therapist for the hearing-impaired, isn't that interesting?
  • We are going to buy a new door and side lights for the house. We are going on Saturday to order it. I AM SO EXCITED, I can barely stand it. I set it up in PhotoShop, and looked at different colors, we've changed our minds several times on siding and accent colors. But now we've picked. Things are in stone. It is exciting.
  • Cory pulled the engine from the engine bay in the GT and discovered the car had been in an accident. So we've decided it would be too expensive to fix the frame damage and make it safe. He has it up for sale. He has decided he is going to buy a newer Mustang, and give me his coveted Coupe. Of course, he has to drop a new engine in it because I would never be happy with a 4-cylander. So the list of vehicles is changing yet again. Cory found a '02 that he is interested in. I'll keep you updated on that front as well.
  • I am so excited about my baby shower gift for Jenn's next baby shower! I worked all night Tuesday to get it "fixed". I want to post a pic but you'll have to wait until Sunday, after the shower, since she checks my site:) I really think she will love it.
That's all for now! I'm sure I'll think of several more things as soon as I hit publish! Oh well...