Saturday, May 17, 2008

Doc Mommy and the Pink Casts (that would totally make a good name for a rock band)

Turns out Tractor Supply is not a hot spot on Saturday night. I glanced over at Moose during dinner tonight, and saw this. His new soft cast is hanging on by threads, literally.
Doc N said that we could replace it over the next two weeks, she didn't say that I would have to. So picking up new bandage has been low on my list of priorities.

The bandage is actually not really a bandage. It is a special equine "vetrap". That's right, the stuff they wrap around their legs. It even has a lovely illustration of a horse on the package.

And it is only available at Tractor Supply.

The only local Tractor Supply I know of is in Nville, about twenty minutes away from our house. Not a huge deal, but simply annoying because we were "in" for the night as far as I was concerned.

We actually had a wonderful drive out, because the weather has decided to be a piece of Heaven today. The temperature was perfect, and dusk had just started to fall. My favorite time of year during Spring.

I was one of three cars in the Tractor Supply parking lot. We went in and there were two men working the front desk. I thought it best to ask were the horse stuff was, instead of looking for it. Both of the guys cooed over Moose and his finger boo-boo, and both felt the need to escort me to the equine aisle and give me their advice.

One of them said that we should get a manly color. Apparently we had an array of choices available. Moose picked out red, and yellow. Big surprise.

We got home, I sat Moose on the bathroom counter and I asked him which color he wanted first. Red.

I rolled out the bandage and realized my mistake. Not red. Pink.

Very pink actually, almost magenta.

The package clearly says red, and it totally looked red in the store. Dang it.

On a semi-related note, Moose asked me about my pink toes this afternoon. I told him Mommy painted her toenails pink. Then he asked me if I could paint his toenails too.

I told him no, only Mommies painted their toenails. Daddy needs to come home:)