Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Little Boy's Boo-Boo Pt. 2

Wednesday we had our second appointment with the hand specialist, Dr. N. She and her whole office were absolutely wonderful with Moose.

We arrived promptly on time and had to wait almost 20 minutes in the waiting room. Kind of annoying, but luckily I packed a nice bag of tricks. Including the new coloring book from Cici, and Dora book from Donna (thanks ladies!). So we were perfectly entertained.

Now Dr. N had told us they may put Moose under anesthesia to have the cast switched over, so we had readied for that by not eating anything for breakfast. We had no idea what the appointment would be.

They finally called us back, and the young little nurse sat Moose and I in a seat in front of a small table. She then proceeded to cut Moose's original cast off.
It took her almost 15 minutes to get the whole thing off. Moose sat like a perfect angel, watching her intently.

She even said that she wished all the little boys she took casts off of acted like him.
*beams with pride at my awesome mothering*

When she got to the last of it, the smell hit. Now that was some nasty, let me tell you. But you could also see the dried blood on his fingertips. She took off the final pieces, and I could see the fingernail ripping off.

This is when Moose started to get upset. I tried to cover his eyes up, but he didn't really like that either.

The nurse hopped out, promising the doctor would be there shortly. Cory sat in the floor beside us and read Moose at tractor book while we waited.

The doctor arrived and told us that his finger looked great. The piece they sewed on had "took" and you could see parts of it were black, but the main middle part was pink and fleshy looking. She said the his fingernail should grow back totally in about a year. Hmm.

She also said that she was replacing this cast with a new one that was smaller and easily replaceable on my part. It is just a wrap, really. More of his thumb is showing and he is able to bend his elbow again, due to the fact that the cast only goes to his top wrist.

We have an appointment in two weeks for another healing check, and she is planning on us leaving with only a band aid on the finger!
*beams with pride at awesome mothering again*

The new cast:Da whole thing:
My beacon in the night: thank Gawd they were not out of original glazed this time.
And after we filled our tummies with hot Krispy Kremes, Moose went in to daycare, I went back to work, and Cory headed up to Chicago!

So the last two weeks have not been nearly as bad as I thought they would be. The only task has been baths, and we just tied Mejier plastic bags around his arm, and put him in. It wasn't a big deal. He has been a total trooper, not complaining or trying to take the bandage off.

I feel an odd sense of incredible gratitude towards Dr. N that I am not sure how to express. I know she was only doing her 9-5 job, but it's weird, I feel like I should send her a basket of muffins or something. Not sure how to describe it.