Thursday, June 26, 2008

Daycare Poems!

We love Moose's daycare so much. I love the teachers, I appreciate them teaching our child, and they have wonderful field trips and activities.

They have taught him to drink from a cup, to eat cereal with milk, and are currently working on potty training. All in conjunction with what we do at home, but let's be honest, they have him for eight hours, I owe them a lot!

And being with my child all day, they all grow pretty attached! They love them like their own, Moose asks me what his teachers are doing during the weekend sometimes-so I know he loves them too! We are very lucky, I know all daycares are not like that.

One of the teachers in Moose's new class took the time to write a poem about each child. I thought you might be interested to read them, I hope you can see them well enough.

This is one of Moose's friends in the Cool Clique.This is one of Moose's friends in the Cool Clique, and his best friend that he talks about all weekend!
This is a new friend of Moose's, he was already in the class when they moved up.

Here's Moose!

How fitting! I would think the other poems describe the other kids as well. I only know "The Crafty One" and he is indeed crafty in every way.

All the teachers know Moose's name, and say hi when we arrive in the morning and when we leave in the evening. So I am looking forward to future classes, and each new teacher for Moose to learn from.