Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Da Beeech!

Well, we are heading to Da Beeech this weekend for a well-deserved family vacation. Moose is seriously pumped about it too. Apparently his class is going over a ocean unit at school, so everyday he comes home talking about something new he wants to do at Da Beeech.

Things Moose Wants to See/Do:

So I think we can accomplish that pretty easily, except for the sharks, anyway. And hey, I just checked and the Gulfarium has a shark exhibit, so, there you go. We are all set.

We originally were going to split up our drive over Friday and Saturday, but now due to the high gas prices, we are just doing it one swoop. So we are leaving around 3 or 4 AM, and we will arrive in Pensacola, Florida around 2 or 3 PM, depending on how often we stop and traffic and such.

Our family is renting a condo on Da Beeech, right next to another condo that the rest of my family is renting. My condo will have Cory and I, Moose, and Mimi. The other condo is quite a bit larger and will have my cousin Sarah and her husband Nick, my cousin Jenn and her husband Chris, my baby cousin Missy (who amazingly enough, does NOT HAVE A BLOG!?) their parents Cici and John, my aunt Carole and my Nana.

We have been going to Pensie since I was a baby, and if I'm not mistaken, my mom actually went there while she was pregnant with me(?). So we are very familiar with the area, and we have our favorite spots. My Nana is from that area, and she met my Papa there at the Marine base.

I am very excited about Moose's first Da Beeech experience being at my first beach place too. I am hoping this place will be as special to Moose as it is to me, and my whole family.

I am planning on taking a million pictures, but I don't want to mess with blogging when I can be soaking up sun and surf. So we will be driving back next Saturday, hopefully I will feel like uploading pics for you guys on Sunday.