Friday, February 29, 2008

No Picture Friday!

Sorry, my camera has died a painful death. Let us all mourn it's passing with some nice family updates. Everybody likes family updates... unless you don't know us, then they are probably boring.

Anyhoo-Moose is talking more and more. And... about every other word or so is decipherable. I spend my time saying, "what?" "don't whisper" "don't yell" and "huh?". He hasn't bitten any friends recently, so I feel safe saying maybe it was a phase. The last time he bit a friend, was when I was in Chicago. So I think that is how he expresses annoyance. So, as my friend Charing said, "hopefully daycare won't piss him off again..."

I took all I could take of Mickey Mouse Club. You can only watch Minnie get her Pretend Doctor Sticker for six times before you go crazy. So I switched our DVR to tape another show. "Yo, Gabba, Gabba". Mainly because is amuses me so much, and I like to think about what kind of drugs the creators had to have been on when they thought of this show. On a similar note, it is very educational, yesterday Moose learned about how to eat right, because the carrots and green beans wanted to be "in the party in his tummy". Trust me, it is better than Mickey.

Moose had a severe preference for me before his trip to Wisconsin with his Daddy. I am not sure how Daddy felt about it, but I remember when the preference was opposite, it about killed me.

But then again, I'm the jealous type, and I like everything to be about me.

Right after they returned, I realized things had changed for the better. He seems to equally prefer us both. He will call for us both in the middle of the night if he happens to wake up, he asks the current parent where the other one is, they are gone. It seems to have evened up the stakes. Which is great!

I can leave if I have to do some emergency clothes/purse/shoe shopping, and when Cory has to do some emergency car/car/car shopping, he can leave, and Moose is fine.

It has absolutely been killing Cory to not buy any cars the last couple weeks. He comes home every day talking about a new car option for me, when my leased BMW runs out next Summer. I nod, we look at the car online, and I tell him we'll test-drive the car next Winter. We have quite a list compiled.

To ease his car ache, he is planning on working on his SVO, which he pulled the engine out of a few weeks before Christmas. He's reached the expensive part of working on my car, so he has paused on that for a while. I'm quite curious how he is going to take my car out of the garage, and put his car back in, when neither of them run-by himself. It might be amusing to watch, actually.

I don't have a lot of news, myself. Work has hired a new copywriter, whom the other designer and I picked and are extremely happy with. She fits in super-well so far, and seems to be a very talented writer. I worked very hard with my boss last week to get her office all ready for her, and tried to make the transition of starting a new position easy for her. She will be taking all of the simple writing tasks out of my hands, for which I am extremely happy. I can write simple blog posts, but writing technical things escapes me sometimes:) Just not my cup of tea.

I was supposed to go back to Chicago last Friday, but the trip was canceled at the last minute. We waited to late to buy our flights, so my boss went without us.

Due to our onslaught of snow and ice, my ceiling in my office started leaking. I was on my video conference with the VP at the time, and he promptly told me to make sure I didn't inform anyone, or they might start charging me for a pool.

I am now friends with the maintenance man, which is extremely convenient I must say. Any little thing, I can now call him, and he jumps to help out. It is wonderful, and he is a very nice man.

We've been extremely busy at work, with a ton of projects due at the end of February. I am happy to say I met all of my deadlines, and had a leisurely Friday afternoon, completing projects, and exporting final files for my boss's presentation he gives at the end of the quarter. That is my favorite type of Friday, I must say.

We don't have big plans for the weekend, I don't think we're going to go out tonight, however I have breakfast planned with my friends today, along with a playdate for Moose and Carter.

I hope you all have a great weekend, and I plan to post my Domestic Goddess Tips tomorrow!