Friday, February 15, 2008

Picture Friday!

Oh, you lucky people! I worked long and hard charging my batteries this week, so that I could have some pictures to share this evening.My sugar-heart cookies for Valentine's day. They were delicious, I will share the very easy recipe here later. I've decided to combine my two blogs into one. I only post a recipe every now and then, and most of my readers are the same group.

Moose and the dogs have worked out their differences. I know a lot of you had strong opinions about the dog issue that we had. We decided to try and work on their relationship, we've kept them separated with baby gates up until now. He realizes they deserve a certain amount of respect, and now doesn't tease them like he did previously. We (obviously) still keep an eye on the relationship, but I wanted to give you and update.

And now, a special present for uncle Kyle: