Sunday, February 17, 2008

Domestic Goddess Tips

And therefore it has been ordained. Thank you Lisa for the title idea, see her comment on my last grocery deal post. Oh, Lisa, you know me so well. How could I not crown myself Domestic Goddess?

This weekend was a little different. As some of you know, Cory took Wesley to visit my in-laws in Wisconsin. They left yesterday after lunch. Here's a few shots I managed to snap before my camera died again:

I could almost feel Cory's eye roll when I said to wait a minute so could take some pictures. Gosh I'm a wonderful photographer, blurry and I cut heads off.
Again, demonstrating my foto skillz.
Catching the pensive moment...what do you mean Mommy's not going?
Picture me waving wildly with my whole body. ByeBye!ByeBye!
And they're off. Of course, they made it safe and sound. My mother-in-law is having the time of her life spoiling both my boys, I'm sure!

And on that note, I went to the grocery by myself today. It was very lonely. *sigh*

So Meijer was having a buy-one-get-one-free sale on their bags of frozen chicken breasts. In the past we have bought these, and they get shoved down to the bottom of the freezer, and they get freezer-burned and have to be thrown away. A few tips occurred to me, so I put them in action, and I think they will save money and time in the future.

*waves Domestic Goddess wand*


Alright, so my new BFF (sorry Jessica;) is freezer bags. (JK) Apparently the bags and containers a lot of meat comes in, will not protect them from freezer burn. So that is easily fixed.

When I got home from the grocery today, I opened the bags, and divided the chicken into meal-sized portions, and split them among freezer bags. The two bags of chicken breasts, that were buy-one-get-one-free at Meijer this week for $15, will make ten dinners. (!)
Having them already split into dinner portions will save me time and help me not waste them (hopefully!) and the freezer bags will protect them from freezer burn. Now, since I have my meal plan for the week, I will check whatever dinner I have planned for the next night, and I will take out the appropriate meat to thaw!
I have two new recipes to try this week, and I plan to post about them after I make them. I have a new crock pot recipe to try, which everyone loves, and a new pork chop recipe from my friend Emily.

I have been stockpiling my new recipes (I have several blogs on my blog reader, and I belong to a ton of email lists) so when the main ingredient goes on sale at the store, I pull out the corresponding recipe.

Stay tuned for some picture posts from Wisconsin, and some (hopefully) delicious recipes!

*waves Domestic Goddess wand again, just for the fun of it*