Monday, February 18, 2008

Wisconsin Pictures!

My favorite and very understanding mother-in-law forwarded me pictures last night. Thank goodness because I was definitely missing both Cory and Moose terribly! She said that she took a ton more, but that these were the only ones that came out. (sorry if you aren't pictured!) (I'm posting every single one she sent me!)

Learning his boy-job early.
Playing guitar with Jake (I think!)
Cuddling with Em
Playing with Grandpa

Building with Carissa and Grandpa

I am not sure if my Mil is sending me more pictures or not. I know that they had a small family get together last night, but because Cory is a boy and I go the boy-version of the story, I have not clue who was there! Sorry I can't share more.

Cory said that Moose had a slight cough, so I'm hoping it doesn't get worse.

They are planning on coming home Wednesday and I'll be waiting at the door with bells on!