Thursday, January 24, 2008

Doc T and the Seattle Grunge (man, that would be a great name for a rock band)

Apparently you can wear a toboggan hat to work every day for two weeks with no one questioning your motives. But that 14th day must be the kicker.

My boss stuck his head in my door this afternoon and asked how long I was going to be wearing my hat. I told him this was my new style, in slightly wounded tone. How dare he question fashion? We are an ad agency after all. I should probably have blue hair.

Luckily, my co-workers won't have to deal with my Seattle Grunge look any longer, because I got my stitches out today. And it hurt! A lot!

I totally kept it "juicy" with Neosporin, just like they advised. And it still felt like she was combing my head with a steak knife.

Doc T is great. I inherited her from my mom. She is totally sympathetic to all of my dermatological plights. She has an answer for everything whereas my last derm kind of shrugged when I asked her things.

I asked her about my "sun spot" on my face. It popped up during my pregnancy, and never went totally away. I want it gone. A girl can only apply so much concealer. Doc T never called it a sun spot, she said it was several freckles grouped together.

She said she could get rid of it right now, if I wanted her to.

Uh, sign me up. I was all about this.

Until she got the silver canister that looked like a blow torch.

I started to second guess my split second decision at that exact moment.

Especially when she said that it was going to hurt a bit. Just a little bit. She was going to freeze the cells off. Um, ow.

Did I mention the spot is right below my eye? When she set off the blow torch, I thought she was going to blind me. You know, freeze my eye right in the socket?

And then the pain. Oh my, the pain. I remember it being excruciating, and then it was over. It actually didn't hurt that bad, come to think of it. It wasn't too bad.

And now I have a lovely welt on my face where she froze my cells. Hopefully in the next couple days, it was flake off, and my lovely fresh skin below will pop up.

So I should be all set now. No suspicious moles. No sun spots. Jaw is all healed. I should be good now, right?