Sunday, January 20, 2008

Picture Post!

New shoes! We visited the Talking Tree, (for those of you locals) and purchased some new shoes. Even though I wanted the black ones, I let him pick out whatever style he wanted...And he picked out the fire trucks! They are very cool, they light up when he walks...

The turban, for those of you who asked. My stitches will be out on the 24th, still sore, and not able to style my hair. (and some of you know how traumatic that is for me...) 30 stitches!!
We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief, Moose has decided he likes pizza. Sausage pizza to be exact.

Special thanks to our Wisconsin family, who thought to mail Moose his clothes Xmas gifts, so that he would not out-grow them before they saw him:)
And a special treat for them...

Be sure to check out my Chicken Pot Pie recipe on my cooking blog, Everything's Better With Gravy. It is super-easy and perfect to warm your belly during the frosty January evenings.