Monday, January 7, 2008

Chi-Town (as if I am cool enough to call it that)

I’ve tried to write about work before on this site, and it has never gone well. So instead of telling the whole story of the Work Trip to Chicago, I’ll just give an synopsis:
  • My flight was canceled at 9. There were mechanical difficulties with the plane.
  • So we took the 1:45 flight instead.
  • We were in a meeting with Company E until 7:30 at night.
  • That’s right. 7:30 at night.
  • We checked in to an awesome hotel, that I was completely uncomfortable in, mainly just because it was not home.
  • We met with Company S and Company L the next day completely problem-free.
  • We caught our flight on time Friday evening, and I was home by 11PM.
Overall it was exhausting, and kind of an adventure. Plus, it was nice to finally put some faces to people I’ve been talking on the phone to for the last four years. All the meetings went pretty issue free except for one.
Everyone was super nice to us, and yes, Lisa, I did wear some awesome outfits.