Sunday, July 15, 2007

Just Another Weekend

We had a very nice weekend. Cory and I were able to go see the new Harry Potter on Saturday, which was totally awesome. Then we went out with some of our friends to eat at RT's which is on a small man-made lake, and very cool. The weather was perfectly cool, and the Mojitos flowed like, well, wine.
Here are a few pics I snapped:
My flowers-fast and out of control, cause that's how we roll... I'm pretty disappointed with the front green plants, they didn't do well at all. I'll be replacing them next year.Here are some of Moose's art projects that he put together in his art class that was last week.

I glanced over this morning, and Moose had pulled all of the kitchen chairs over to Cory, who was sitting at my computer. Kind of funny.
And that's all.

Not much planned for the week. The garage sale was Friday and Saturday, and we made less than I wanted, not nearly enough for a mattress, but it will make a dent. Cory actually spent all of Friday helping Jenn, Sarah, and Charing set up, and run it. They seemed to have a good time. We didn't do much today, I trimmed the dead heads off my flowers, weeded, and trimmed them back bit. I need to do some research about Mums, I'm planning on planting some down the left side of the walkway, that way, we have something blooming in the Fall.
Have to run, Moose needs a bath, and if I'm not mistaken, I believe there's a poopy diaper with my name on it.
PS-thanks for all of the great comments/emails/phone calls about the new layout of my blog. It was a lot of work, and it really makes it worth it to have my work noticed;) Special thanks to Jeana for helping me with a tight spot that I couldn't figure out by myself.