Saturday, July 7, 2007

Catch Up

So sorry we've been gone so long. No excuse except WE'VE BEEN BUSY!
It seems like every weekend we have something we have to do, and it ends up taking the whole weekend, after laundry and cleaning are combined in. After all that, all I want to do is sit and ready a book while Cory plays Xbox. So that's basically what we've done. Well, that and a few other things. Okay, so here's the lowdown:

We've been scouring the house for All Things We Don't Want Anymore for the annual garage sale that Jenn throws for all of us. Normally we get a huge turnout, and make a nice chunk of change. Last year all of my money I made went to my Vegas trip. This year, I'm hoping to make enough to pay most of a new mattress, for our guest bedroom.

I found this lovely hat that was left over from a SIS Day Hat Day excursion. Moose doesn't want to get rid of it.My friend Kevin finally returned from Japan last week. I was able to meet him, and my friend Lisa for lunch. He brought me a super cool cantaloupe flavored Kit Kat. Plus a banana flavored one for Cory.
Sophie is fitting very well into the fur family. She oddly likes to lay on her back. Strangeness.
Evidence they get along well, that's Sophie's bed they are happily snoozing on.
Bad news-Moose has figured out the cool thing on the front of the fridge dispels water and fun ice cubes. We often find toys shoved up in there. We did figure out how to lock it, luckily.
A couple weeks ago, I made a new friend that has a little girl. They came over to visit for a little while, we ended up giving her our old jumper, which Moose was not all too thrilled about giving away. Isn't she cute?

Finally, we have tackled Moose's room. We decided to switch the guest bedroom and his current room around. Here are some before pics:

And here are the after pics. We chose to stay with our safari animal theme. Whatever Moose picks out later for theme, will go with tan color. We love earth tones in this family.
Here they are moving the crib in.
Here is the new trim that Cory picked out. He cut it to fit, then stained it to match Moose's crib. It was a lot of work, but it turned out SO WELL! Don't you think?
New outlets, and vents that were stained to match the trim.

Here is the final product, complete with all of his things hung up, and new plantation blinds.

Cory actually had his knee surgery on Friday, so he is recovering well from that. He is dying to get back to work, so hopefully his recovery time will go smoothly. The doctor told me that this knee was more injured than the other, so we will see.
For the 4th of July, we went to an AWESOME party. M&D kept Moose, so we could stay out late. Our friends Tarp and JB have a really cool loft-like house downtown, very near the fireworks that they let off downtown. They threw a White Party, which meant everyone was decked out head to toe in white. It was really cool. I found a lightweight white dress with an empire waistline that I loved. They had wonderful food, and a fabulous bartender. Their deck on top of their house was perfect to stand and watch the fireworks display from. We had a great time, and are hoping to be invited next year as well!
We were able to catch the new Die Hard sequel last weekend, and we are both big Bruce Willis fans. If you like action movies, you'll love it! We were totally enthralled the whole time. Totally recommend it. Good story. Makes you think too.
I'm sure I've forgotten something, but this is everything I can think of. I have to run now, Moose needs a nap, and we're planning on dinner at Charing's house tonight. All the friends are coming, should be a blast.