Wednesday, July 11, 2007

ENT Woes

Moose had a check up visit at his Ear Nose & Throat doctor on Tuesday. It was by far the longest most excruciating doctor's visit on record. (this includes all of my Ob visits during my pregnancy-which is saying a lot considering the lady parts being on display and all)
Our appointment with Doc H was at 3:15. This meant that I arrived at 3:00, as all absurdly anal patients do, (right Mom?) to happily wait in the waiting room. Doc H’s waiting room is just fine for a waiting room. They actually have a playroom that is attached, and was filled to the brim with other children waiting to see Doc H, and his partners. The fact the all of the children were running around, screaming and playing, somehow intimidated Moose. This meant he did not want to go into the kid’s area.
So we sat in the adult part of the waiting area. Which was fine. Except, I didn’t bring any toys for Moose to play with.
Well, no big deal, I mean, we only had to kill, like, 15 minutes till the appointment. Maybe 20 minutes right? The last appointment we had with Doc H, only lasted a total of 10 minutes, including the actual visit.
Moose decided to look at all of the magazines they had sitting on the table. This included about 54 copies of Highlights, a children’s magazine, and some Car & Driver magazines. So we thoroughly looked through all of them. A couple times. Then I glanced at my watch.
A half an hour after my scheduled appointment time? Craziness. I don’t deal with that crap. I managed to wait 15 more minutes, until 4 o’clock. A full 45 minutes after my appointment time. (an hour after we actually arrived) Finally I walked up to the reception desk to inquire just what sort of emergency service Doc H was performing as to be that far behind on his appointments.
I was informed that I was next to be called. Right.
About three people were called after that. I am assuming they were there to see Doc H’s partners. They better damn well better have been. Absolutely none of them had a toddler with them that had been woken up in the middle of his nap.
That was crap.
At about 4:15 they finally called Moose back. The nurse immediately apologized, told us it was her first day, and proceeded to lead us to a cubicle. She then quizzed us on all the patient history stuff that I had already filled out during our first appointment there.
At about 4:30 she led us to… that’s right… the second waiting room.
I’ve never even heard of a second waiting room before. But, there we were, Moose and I sitting alongside the other strangers that have been called back before us.
Luckily, we only sat in this waiting room for about another 15 minutes. They called us back to the super-cool exam room. The bed was designed to look like a fire truck, and they had a Sesame Street mural on the wall with Burt and Ernie dressed up like firemen. They also had a ton of toys in there. Moose was thrilled. He totally forgot that he missed his afternoon snack. Occasionally he would remember and walk over to me and ask for some “mo apuls” (more apples)
Finally, at 5 o’clock, Doc H arrived. He had the sense to appear breathless at least, as if he hurried in to us, as soon as he could.
He spent approximately 3 minutes examining Moose.
Moose's tubes are still intact, and clear. According the Doc H, they will hopefully stay in until November.
A whole lot of waiting to find out good news. It was worth it.
We got our car from the valet at 5:15. Just in time to hit N Road at rush hour. Nice.