Saturday, March 15, 2008

Picture Friday!

It feels very weird to post these pictures after I wore a t-shirt to work yesterday... but I still thought you would want to see them!
Spring is quite odd in our neck of the woods.

I have begun what I can only assume is a lengthy affair with iPhoto, which came on my new iMac. It is so wonderful and user-friendly, even Cory can use it. There are so many bells and whistles, I cannot even express how wonderful it is. From automatically importing photos-to sorting them into "events" automatically seeing what days you took the photos on-to ordering prints and calendars and cards-all from iPhoto. Apple really did good things with this program.

And I haven't even investigated some of the other iLife products yet. I'll look at iMovie next-it should prove to be cool too.

My new computer is so cool I love it already-iMacs don't have a tower, all the computer info is in the monitor, the very flat monitor! I don't know how they do it-but it's cool.

Alright, enough bragging-on to the pictures!