Friday, March 7, 2008

No Picture Friday!

Well, I decided to buy a new computer instead of a camera.

I kind of had to, actually. My Mac that I had at home was my work computer, that I was to use anytime I had to stay home with Moose. Well, my boss decided that he wanted me and my fellow employees to have access to a laptop that we could take home as needed-but my work computer was to be returned.

Not a bad deal. Since I installed the new operating system, Leopard, it has acted more slowly. I think it was just too robust for my old G4. Nothing big went wrong luckily, but I feel better getting a new computer. (I have an external back up drive too.)

So my new iMac is currently on its way to me.

I. Cannot. Wait.

I'm sure some of you understand, and the rest of you are shrugging your shoulders! I was also able to order a new scanner/printer and speakers. I am SO PUMPED. It should be here at the latest next Friday.

Now-about my camera. I've decided to try and nurse it along, and buy some new rechargeable batteries. I think that will help it tremendously. And maybe I'll be able to afford the new camera I picked out at the end of Summer. Keep your fingers crossed!

Family news? Not too much going on here, except for the tremendous snow storm that is supposed to hit us. We are not too sure it is actually going to make it to us though. I actually hope that it does snow, so we can play in it.

Moose is good, nothing big there, and alas, no photos to share.

My sister-in-law has some fabulous news. She won an art contest. Read about it in their local paper here.

And here are a few pictures of her.