Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wow, Two in a Row!

Well, we have had a few things happen in the last day, plus I totally forgot to make fun of my husband, when he clearly asked for it.
On Saturday, Cory went out with the boys on a bowling adventure. Apparently, his whole shop went, and they had a great time. Unfortunately, too great of a time. They bowled for over five hours. Now, I don't know if you've been bowling lately, but throwing a heavy ball down a lane can take it's toll on your muscles, especially if you don't work out regularly. So Cory came home that evening pretty stiff. The next morning he could barely move! He did feel a bit better the next day at work when one of the other guys who had gone, casually asked if the bowling had effected Cory. He said that, yes it had a bit, and it turns out all of them had barely been able to move the next day!

Moose is a bit sick. We went to the doctor today because he woke up last night several times, and that's not normal for him. Plus he had a bit of drainage, so I was worried about an ear infection. Turns out he just has a virus, but it's kind of bad because he has some blisters on his throat. So he's fussy and basically a cranky puss. He has sort of adjusted to the time change. I have not.

I have been nominated for an award at work. The company I work for, promotes six basic values that they want their employees to have. One of them is "innovation". My boss nominated me for it. I am sure there have been several nominations, so I probably won't win. But just being nominated is an honor. Especially after I read what my boss had to say about me: (warning, it's long!)

Description in detail how Nominee demonstrates a specific Value for a Values in Action Award:
Creatively, Liz is talented and genuinely passionate, enthusiastic and self-motivated in wanting to produce excellent graphic design. She takes ownership and pride in her work. Liz can think at the higher level of image, messaging and metaphor that precedes the design and layout of elements on a page, and she knows the importance of branding and consistency. She is not afraid to take risks in self-directed creative ventures she believes in.
Within established brand guidelines, Liz has concepted and designed a number of new product ads for Company B including the "Spring Into AV!" series, the "Books That Last Forever?" BeeWee Bound ad and the "Look Who's Talking" Playaway ad. Her tri-fold Christmas card calendar was very creative, functional, and well received. With some initial direction, Liz redesigned a major PowerPoint presentation for Company F including simplifying and reorganizing content plus creating all new graphics and page layouts. Her Flash-animated banner ads for Company F were simple and effective. These and other pieces have received kudos from various marketing staff among the respective divisions.
Description of how Nominee positively impacts Company F and/or his or her colleagues:
Creativity is, by nature, risky business. In Graphic Arts, the effort in concepting and designing advertising and marketing collateral, unlike many other disciplines, is hugely overt. The resulting "artwork" is displayed in public view and subject to scrutiny and judgement by virtually everyone. Critiques and directives come from many peers and clients all with different view-points and levels of aesthetic taste. So, in addition to being creative, a graphic designer must also be confident, flexible, persuasive and a team player with an acumen for tact and diplomacy. From innate talent to interpersonal skills, Liz possesses these attributes."