Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sick Day

Well, Moose's virus turned into a raging sinus infection on Thursday evening complete with a fiery fever.

In the past, even during our worst ear infections, Moose has not really had fevers. So this concept of heat, complete body aches, and general crappyness, is completely foreign to him. So trying to explain that, "I'm sorry all I can do is give you Tylenol..." is not really enough for him.

So needless to day, I had to stay home with him on Friday.

So I have spent the last day now, watching Baby Einstein, and giving Moose whatever he wants to eat. Because apparently normal food is not what he wants. He only wants pancakes, and yogurt. THAT IS ALL HE WILL EAT.

I know he won't starve. But I can't stand not feeding him a good meal. I do also realize that being sick does diminish his appetite. So I have just given him whatever he will eat. But I think it's okay, he'll eat when he's hungry I guess.

But yesterday-was not really fun. He didn't want to do anything except watch Baby Einstein. He won't even watch real cartoons on TV. He only wants B.E. Which means, basically that I have to watch it too. Especially since he wanted me to hold him while he watched it. So I spent all of yesterday cradling his hot, sweaty, little body to mine while we watched B.E.

It was not so bad.

I didn't enjoy it, so to say. But it was nice to cradle him, and coo to him that everything was going to be fine. And of course, it is now. He's still fussy, and snotty, but he can watch TV by himself, and play by himself today. Which is easier for me. I guess.

His fever has broken, but he acted like his throat still hurt, so I just gave him another dose of Tylenol. Which pretty much guarantees a morning nap. (he he he!)