Thursday, August 23, 2007

Not Much Going On...

Last weekend I had SIS Day in D-ville. My cousin Jenn and my mom all drove down to the farm to visit with my aunt, Lucy’s Mom who was in to visit and my other aunt Cici who lives with my Nana. We had a very yummy lunch at a little hole in the wall café, then we walked up to the local bakery where I bought Moose’s first gingerbread men cookies. Well, actually I bought gingerbread men for both Cory and I too, since we love them too. I am planning on making them with Moose this Christmas.
Our good friend Chris moved home to Chicago last weekend also. Cory went to a going away party on Saturday night, and I ended up going home because my ears were bothering me so badly. Chris and Uhaul got into a huge fight and they seemed to have given him the wrong sort of towing dolley to take his 1981 Trans Am with him. So, this lovely piece of crapola is taking up my space in the driveway. According to Cory, it will only be there for another week. I told him to tell Chris that if the TA was still there in two more weeks, then I was putting it up on Ebay for $1.
I was so convinced there was something wrong with my ears. I have been having ear pain for months now. Horrible ear pain. And I keep getting sick. I have had four ear infections and two or three sinus infections in the last four or five months. So, on Friday I went to see the ENT that did Moose’s ears. I was pretty sure he was going to gasp in horror when he glanced into my ears, but instead he asked if the pain was shooting through my jaw. I said that yes, it was that horrible, it was actually shooting all the way to my jaw. He sent me for a hearing test, which I barely passed, by the way, apparently I am right on the edge of having hearing loss, then he met with me in a little conference room. My ears were not infected. Not at all. They were pristine. I am not having problems with my ears. I am having problems with my jaw. I am being sent to an oral surgeon to find out more about my Temporo-Mandibular Joint pain, or TMJ as it is more commonly known. I am also having allergy problems all of a sudden, which is odd considering I have never had problems before. I’m on a daily nasal spray which has already helped me. My appointment with the TMJ guy is next Monday at 9. It can’t be here fast enough.
I cut Moose’s hair. Myself. It was not hard. I also trimmed Scout up. She looks so cute, like a puppy again. Except with big long legs.
This weekend was pretty tame. Not much to tell there. I trimmed some bushes, and made some mental plans to plant some mums next weekend.
I saw the girls on Saturday morning for breakfast. We ate, we gossiped. Cory rebuilt his rear differential on his truck. That was really it. I think we went to the grocery too.
I’ve been pretty busy with graphic design at home. I helped Sarah redesign her blog.
Here is a before shot:
Here is after I designed her header art and fixed some of the colors in a new template:
Stop by and tell her how pretty and fabulous her cousin is… wait, I mean how pretty and fabulous her new blog design is;)
I am in the process of helping Mrs. Who with her new blog design as well, so I will keep you updated.
Our plans for the weekend have changed literally three times, so I am not sure what we are planning now. I do know that I am using a spa gift certificate on Saturday, so I am looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend.