Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Grandma and Carissa Visit!

Moose was very excited when Cory and I told him Grandma and Carissa were coming to visit!

Helping Mommy make breakfast.

Workin' our puzzle.

Checkin' out auto parts with Daddy.

Visiting with Grandma and Carissa.

Overall we had a great weekend. Of course it was way too short, but it was definitely a ton of fun. Alice christened the guest bedroom as our first guest to stay in there. Carissa chose to stay downstairs on the couch bed. It was so great to have room to put everyone!
Friday we just hung out all day. Everyone met me for lunch at Red Lobster, and we were lucky enough to have Sarah and Tarp meet us there too! Very yummy.
Saturday we ended up having an impromptu cookout. All the ZPOs came and even Tarp! We had a blast, even though it was approximately a million degrees outside. We even had smores to celebrate the first official cookout.
Sunday came too soon. Alice and Carissa headed home, and we had to get used to a much quieter house. Moose can't wait till Grandma and Carissa come back for a visit!